Samsung Unveiling a New Android Device on November 8 [UPDATE]

We just received an invitation to an upcoming Samsung Mobile event for November 8th.  Keeping with their tradition of playing it coy, they only promise a “new Android device”.  Looking at the icons in the image and the stock exchange looking tickers in the background, we’ll go ahead and predict a stock Android handset.  Rumors have been growing over the last few days and weeks that Samsung was working on a new device that is said to be stock Android user interface.  Now the question becomes, which Android version are we looking at?  The Galaxy S series phones run Android 2.1 while the Galaxy Tab has 2.2.  The recent sighting of a giant Gingerbread Man has us drooling over the idea of a 2.3 phone!

UPDATE: An hour later and I realize that this could simply be the Samsung Continuum.  You know, the phone with the second screen “ticker” across the bottom.  Duh.  If this is the case, we can forget about seeing the phone in time for this Friday.

  • Brad Weintraub

    I am guessing this is going to be the Samsung Continuum! If you notice in the picture, there is a ticker with a bunch of apps. My guess is going to be they are launching this device and you would be able to view info on this ticker that includes messaging, missed calls, control your music and even launch directly into your camera.

    If this is true, this phone sounds sweet and exactly what i have been looking for in a phone. I am always turning on my phone to see new emails (based on a notification) and other notifications. If i can do this without actually turning on my main screen and conserve battery life, Samsung is delivering the perfect phone (for me that is).


  • Oletros

    But here is the Touchwiz app launcher in the picture

    • Steve

      That is the Touchwiz app launcher, and also the Touchwiz camera and video player icons. I think that is the stock messaging icon though it might not be (I use handcent). I’m not sure how stock this phone will be…

    • Nathan

      not a guarantee that it’s touchwiz, it also shows the stock messaging and web icons which touch wiz does not use.

      So they could simply just be using their icons for the launcher.

      it’s possible that even if it’s a google experience device that samsung will add some of their stuff to it, mediahub and some of their icons.

      but as much as i would like to hope that, Brad is probably right as the ticker makes perfect sense with a launching of the continuum.

  • Andrew


    There was a tweet a couple of weeks ago from a dev who claimed he had just seen what he called a ‘Nexus 2’ and it was a Samsung device running Gingerbread!

    The tweet was deleted and the guy changed his username almost immediately afterwards.

    Now whether this is really the ‘Nexus 2’ or just the new developer phone, I don’t know, but this all coincides very neatly with the Gingerbread release

  • Brandon

    I hope that it is the samsung galaxy 50 media player device that would be running android.