Samsung’s Galaxy Tab contest!

Everyone is buzzing about the Galaxy Tab, whether you want one or not. The price, the features (or lack there of from your opinion) and the overall functionality makes it a hot item. Samsung will be soon releasing the device to all four carriers and a Wifi Version to be hitting Best Buy shelves soon, but why pay for one? Why not win one from Samsung!

Get yourself over to a computer and get ready to try to win one of these great devices. Here’s all you have to do:

1. go to

2. become a follower and tweet your response to the question posted and

3. include #WINGALAXYTAB hashtag in your response. You must include the hashtag to be eligible to win!

What are you still reading this for? GO! GO! GO!

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  1. Hello Android
    October 25, 15:03 Reply

    Done. And the Samsung will choose random users that lucky, right ?

  2. Hello Android
    October 25, 22:58 Reply

    How can know we are win ? They will contact me via Twitter message or what ?

  3. Jean
    November 23, 11:47 Reply

    I’m too late, ;((
    Deepak D already win the galaxy tab, I guess I have to try my next luck then.

  4. Nimish jadhav
    December 28, 07:43 Reply

    hi i m too late but i think i will b the nxt samsung galaxy tab winner. yo.

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