AIR-Based Skytunes Lets Users Take Music Everywhere


Skytunes, a music service/application from esDot Development studio, has been released into the Android Market for music fans around the world. Designed as two AIR applications (server & client), Skytunes lets users take their home music collection with them, everywhere and without uploading to the phone or microSD card. The Android app works over WiFi and 3G/4G networks and also caches music in the event users find themselves without a network connection.

The SkyTunes desktop server client can be installed on Windows, OSX, and Linux Machines while the Android app requires 2.2 or higher.  It should be noted that the app comes with a 14-day trial with an option to purchase for $5.99 should you decide to keep Skytunes.

SkyTunes features include:

  • Remote Desktop Control, toggle playback (mid-song) between computer and phone with ease!
  • Auto-caching of Songs to SD, configurable from 0 – 500 songs.
  • “Car” Display Mode
  • Screen Lock
  • Quick search
  • Playlist Support
  • Folder based browsing

Check out a quick example of SkyTunes setup below.


  • InTheKnow

    Why the heck would you settle for this app when there’s been one in the market for months that does an AMAZING job. Its free and its not a trial. Its called “MeCanto” check it out.

  • jakewoodblues

    Meh, MeCanto, lets me upload my collection to their servers. I like that better than having to leave my computer on all the time. It’s not a perfect system, but it works for me!

  • Shawn

    MeCanto is a great service for sure, but SkyTunes does alot more than just play music, it also interfaces with your computer to allow remote playback control, and local SD caching.

    Not to mention a nice fluid UI, no pausing to load as you navigate your collection, and a proper search function. (if that sort of thing is important to you 😉

    Shawn @

  • legendary1022

    The best is definitely Subsonic. Just go to and download the app in the market and your set with a polished app that even lets you download songs for offline listening. Its similar to skytunes but works much better.

  • jjwa

    Has anyone figured out what the Screen Lock button does?

    Oh, and this program needs FLAC support.

  • Jason

    Thank you for the MeCanto suggestion. Been looking around for an app that works like Skytunes but for free. Tried mSpot, but that didn’t pick up all my music files. Winamp looked promising, but has some serious syncing issues.

  • ScaredyCat

    This application is horrific. You’re supposed to run a “server” application that has *no authentication* at all? WTF are these people on?


  • Subsonic is without a doubt the best solution to streaming music from home. Many more options, allows multiple users, killer web interface as well, etc…
    Don’t spend money on anything else without checking out subsonic first.