Beta Test This! Itching Thumb Task Manager

Take an Android Task Manager and add a webOS look.  Mix them together and bake them for a few hours. What do you get?  A cool looking task manager named Itching Thumb. Basically it’s only a task manager, but it also has other great features such as live previews of running apps and launching apps with gestures.

Features found in 4th Beta:

  • Visual representation of tasks
  • High quality previews for rooted phones
  • Save previews as snapshot
  • Swipe to manage tasks
  • Use gestures to launch tasks
  • Widgets & apps strip

A video says more than a thousand words, so take a look:


Available on Appbrain

  • Interesting; I use the Visual Task Switcher, which is similar, but has no gestures and uses a single screen to show the running apps. (It also only seems to know about apps since it was started, so if it is closed or crashes (which is rare) it doesn’t always show everything).

    Might give this a try along with the Multitasking Pro that’s getting reviews, and see which is best for processor/battery usage as well as usability.

  • JPB

    While I like the effects, I prefer QuickQesk for additional function (transparent home-over-home look).

  • Jonathan

    I won’t use Itching Thumb regularly right now, but I will continue to monitor it, because it is interesting. I have two problems with it. First, it brings up a whole new screen instead of overlaying over the user’s current display. It seems like kind of a superficial thing, but I find that it does feel like opening a new app instead of bringing up a task switcher, and that can be enough to send me off track and forget what I was going to do. Second, I ran into the same problems I did with Visual Task Switcher when I didn’t set it as my default home. It doesn’t capture all of the running apps unless I manually run it first.

    • westy

      Doesnt work well with Launcher pro on my N1 so instant fail. I am hoping Launcher Pro adds in a similar feature.

  • craino21

    I tried this for a couple of days and really liked it, but it DESTROYED the battery on my Galaxy S when running it with ADW launcher. I’m talking battery life cut in half. I’m interested to see if others have the same experience.

  • dakuten

    HP webOS and Android SHOULD merge !

  • Pax

    Didn’t work on my Sammy Vibrant!!!

  • Awesome, I just rooted my phone, just for this 😛

  • martijnve

    Works nicely but doesnt look as nice as the screenshot?
    Also root feature is disabled on my rooted bexus one? (CM Nightly)