Galaxy Tab Pre-orders at Best Buy Now!

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab will be THE device this christmas. Available on each of the four carriers, plus a WiFi version due out “soon”.  If you are looking to get one for yourself and someone else, you should consider making sure you can get your hands on one early. I’m sure the carriers will all have their own impressive launch day displays that involve you standing in a ridiculous line for awhile, but that sounds like a whole lot of work to me. Fortunately, the guys at Best Buy have your back, and are taking pre-orders.

You don’t even need to leave the couch. Head to the website and you will be able to make your selection between Sprint and Verizon, the models they will be carrying in store sans Wifi model. Since we know the WiFi model was delayed, don’t expect to be able to pre-order that one just yet. Best buy has had a habit of offering Android devices for pre-order, and it’s good to see them keeping that up with the Tab. The website says you can expect to see your Tab arrive between the 7th and 11th of November, right alongside launch days. Happy Shopping!

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  • Name

    I don’t think so. ‘THE’ device is already dead in it’s track due to pricing and will male the iPad ‘THE’ device.

  • Mats

    Well, it might be THE device next easter, when all tabs are still sitting on the shelves, and you get a 50% discount. At close to $1000 where I live, it’s a joke.

  • RichP

    Is it really dead based on price?
    Its cheaper than a 3G iPad and has a front facing camera & hdmi out which for many people will make this a must have.

  • InTheKnow

    Anyone who doesn’t think this think will be a hit at the current price has never played with one in person. It is amazing. I’ve had an iPad and frankly its a very limiting device partly due to weight and partly due to iOS. The Galaxy Tab offers true HD playback and output, true two hand typing as opposed to the one finger peck which drastically improves productivity. There is no camera to be found on the iPad where as the Galaxy Tab has TWO. The fact that its releasing on every carrier is a plus because people don’t have to switch if they really want one. I personally spoke with a Samsung engineer and he assures me that the Galaxy Tab will be upgraded to Gingerbread soon after its launch. The resolution on the Galaxy Tab blows away the resolution of the iPad mainly because of the smaller screen size. The winning factor by far is the fact that the Galaxy Tab comes in at less than a pound which will make a huge difference in usage patterns. I personally know people who have gotten rid of their iPad because it weighed too much and wasn’t practical for extended use.

    • Colin

      “InTheKnow”, I couldn’t agree with you more. I live in Bangkok and got my Galaxy Tab when it was released in Thailand last weekend. And it’s sensational. We pay US$673 for it here, and the extra sim from my telco which gives me GPRS unlimited data on it costs me an extra $20 per month…using the same number that I use for my iPhone 4. And it’s worth every cent.

      It’s many things that the iPad isn’t, and one worth mentioning is the camera’s ability to do automatic high-resolution panorama pics. Just move the camera in the direction of the on-screen arrows and it takes and stitches together amazing panorama shots. With the big screen as the viewfinder you get astounding pictures.

      Unlike the Galaxy S, you can change the icons on either side of the Applications button on the dock, so as I don’t want to use it for phone calls (even though I can), I put my browser and email icons on either side and my portable office is ready to go.

      Oh, and it’s PRE-INSTALLED with Flash so EVERY website looks good 🙂

      I use a MacBook Pro, and Kies is not yet available for the Mac, so I use Salling Media Sync to sync all my iTunes music, photos and videos. And I sync iCalendar and my Mac Address Book to Google, so all that and my mail (Gmail email account) are constantly updated on my notebook, the Tab and my iPhone. It’s all too easy!

  • Steve G

    Ever since mobile carriers started their tiered data plans and now starting to charge for tethering (when its using your already existing data plan) its breaking out into a “lets see what we can nickle and dime the consumer with next” free-for-all. What exactly is the incentive here anymore to own a so-called smart phone or mobile tablet, thats what these actually are, mobile tablets geared for on-the-go socialization. Get wrapped up into a 2-year contract or by one on your own. Wi-fi versions of several are available and are good on the go at the doctors office, mall or anywhere else there is wi-fi but these are marketed in a fashion of we cant live without them. Im a tech fanatic and love any gadgets I can get my hands on, but Im so tired of Android now. So many Android versions in just a years time, our tablet is better than your tablet, price, price, price… I got an older Windows tablet, wiped it and installed the latest version of Ubuntu and its awesome. Windows or Linux, I have a freedom of using the tablet like I want, install Photoshop, Skype, surf, watch YouTube, Hulu, stream videos, whatever. Right now theres just too many carrots being dangled in front of the donkeys (consumers), I personally choose to take a back seat for awhile, let things calm down and then decide what I want once there is a large enough “hands-on” surplus and selection in stores that I can spend time with. Im not against Android, Im just worn out by the push.

  • Mats

    My argument against a $1000 tablet (any tablet, any specifications) is that it’s still a tablet, and tablets have limitations. It’s mainly a device for content consumption, not creation. You can get a similarly speced netbook for 1/4 of that price, that allows you to do much more.
    No, the pricing must reflect usability, not novelty factor or tech specs. The only company that could possibly get away with silly pricing is Apple, who can trust their followers to buy any hardware they produce at any price point. To me, what I can do better with a tablet than my netbook or smart phone puts a tablet in the $150 – $200 range. And it wouldn’t matter if it had a quad core 2.4 GHz CPU.