Mysterious Verizon device to be the Incredible HD?

Remember that nice-looking HTC device we got a glimpse of back in August? The one that looked like an HTC Evo for Verizon? Well, LimitlessDroid is reporting that this mysterious phone will be sold as the Incredible HD. It may or may not get the Droid branding, but either way, it’ll probably get stuck with Bing Search. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, well, we’ll leave that up to you to decide. This would be the 3rd HTC device to get the “HD” branding, joining the Desire HD and the  MyTouch HD (also known as MyTouch 4G). Is there a pattern here?

Sources point to a November 23rd release date for the Incredible HD, which is 2 days before Black Friday. No word on specs or pricing, but I think Verizon has found their prize fighter for the holidays. Anyone excited for this phone?

  • Nick

    In my opinion, there’s no point in upgrading to a new Android phone on Verizon until LTE capable devices start appearing. I have the Incredible right now and am completely satisfied.

    • Garrett

      Considering that LTE will probably cost an extra $10-15 in data charges with LTE phones (much like Sprint does w/ the EVO 4G) and that the first batch of LTE devices may not have the Tegra 2 chips or dual core that will blow this phone out of the water this phone looks like it could be the best 3G out there. By the time you’re able to upgrade again LTE will be standard instead of being a $$ bonus feature.

  • Matt

    I’m an Android nut and the Incredible is my third Android and by far the best. With all the tinkering I’ve been doing be it ROM’s (Virtuous 3.1, now on CyanogenMod Nightly) and learning coding my own apps – I just can’t imagine only being able to upgrade every two years at discount. I’ve never really cared before I got obsessed with Android about my limits but now I really think they need to move to a shorter cycle.

    As a Verizon customer – being that my Incredible is only 6 months old and I believe my contract was renewed at that point, what are my options? And I know about selling it and the trade in program but honestly that’s not very much of an option when the phone runs $500.

    An HTC Incredible with a 4.3 inch screen, Qualcomm’s newest CPU, and the Adreno 205 GPU would be the definition of win.

    • Matt

      I know I could call Verizon or search their site…but both of those things annoy me immensely. If it wasn’t for Verizon outperforming the competition in my area I probably wouldn’t even be a customer. Their site is too intrusive and I’ve yet to talk to a customer service rep that had a clue what they were talking about.

    • DOUG

      Go to one year contracts. You will pay about $50-70 bucks for devices, but still save off the regular non-renewal pricing for the phone.

      • spartan

        Its basically an evo on Verizon Verizon needs to step there game up come up with something original.

  • runsolo

    You had me at Incredible.
    You lost me at Bing.

    • Garrett

      If it is actually going to be the sequel to Droid Incredible it will probably not have Bing. Verizon seems committed to keeping it off there high-end “Droid” phones, while plastering it all over there “mid-range” devices.

  • Another beautiful phone. I am really loving this form factor with these latest high end android phones…. I’m still not sold on the looks of the MyTouch HD/4G yet although it has some awesome features. Can’t wait to see more of this one as well.