Nexus One Forum to Switch to Read Only on November 1

The official Nexus One forum from Google is slated to switch to read only next week, becoming an archive of topics.  If you have a question that needs looking into, you’ll want to submit it by November 1st.  I can’t imagine this being much of an issue at this point as pretty much anyone who wants a Nexus One already has it.  And those of you with issues have likely had them resolved by now.  Still, it’s worth a mention for the select few who may have an 11th hour question or problem.

  • Umm… Except that two mobile providers (Videotron and… Mobilicity, if I’m not mistaken?) in Canada have recently announced that they are adding the Nexus One to their lineups. :/

    • Presumably, where it’s offered by a carrier, support is provided by the carrier, no?

  • InTheKnow

    The Nexus One is special so presumably no…..

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