Playstation Phone is Real. This is It.

Engadget is reporting late this evening that they have spent some time with the device you see in the picture above.  According to them, this is the oft-rumored Sony Playstation Phone.  And it’s real.

The phone is said to be an early, buggy, prototype which should arrive in 2011 with a slight possibility of a 2010 release.  So far the hardware reads like today’s high-end Android handsets: 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 processor, 512MB RAM, 1GB ROM, screen size 3.7 to 4.1 inches, and microSD card slot.  Engadget believes we’ll see this launch with Gingerbread and a Sony marketplace for applications and we see no reason to argue here.  Be sure to check out Engadget’s two galleries for pictures for the Sony Playstation Phone.  More on this as it unfolds!

We’ll call it now.  The hype meter for this phone will hit 11.

  • rain13r

    Sony’s getting proactive with the Google products. Damn good move for them. Especially liking the Playstation Phone. That could be a marriage of properties that will launch a Dynasty.

  • Theweakend

    I need to change my boxers

  • Tony

    I call [email protected]#%!. Looks like a photoshop job 2 me

    • Rich

      Engadget have already used it… diffficult to fake that with Photoshop 🙂

  • android_purity

    The big question is, will it play psp games?

  • PIPE


  • intheknow

    Well, I had an early prototype in my hands…

  • Name

    That is freaking ugly.

  • baza

    Surely they can do better than that design. It looks like a PhotoShop even if its real.

  • Tan

    It looks like a vivaz, an x10 and a PSP go put together…I still want one though 😀