TimeStream Releases Four Walt Disney Apps

TimeStream Software announced earlier today that they have released four of their popular Disney themed applications for Android-powered handsets.   All four titles comes with high remarks and great word of mouth for their iPhone counterparts so we expect the same out of Android.  The apps range in price from $1.99 to $3.99 and work for all versions of Android.

The biggest, and likely the most popular app is Walt Disney World Notescast. TimeStream describes it as having more than 300 pages of information and over 500 photos, with rich in-depth content. Looking through the lengthy bullet list of features we can see it makes for the perfect companion application from the trip planning stages to hunting down various characters.  Resorts, attractions, and more get extensive coverage across four major parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

  • Disney World Hidden Mickeys ($1.99) – Spend an entire day searching all four parks for Mickey Mouse in over 120 Hidden Mickeys arranged as a fun tour, complete with photos!
  • Disneyland Secrets Gold! ($1.99) – Now spend hours touring throughout Disneyland discovering over 110 fun secrets, all arranged as an exciting tour!
  • Walt Disney World Secrets Gold ($2.99)- Now discover the secrets of Walt Disney World Resort as a fun tour on your Android device! OVER 200 SECRETS AND NEARLY 140 COLORFUL PHOTOS!
  • Kimberly

    Freaking Disney! First they want to rip you off thinking you can go for cheap , and then this..All this is, is advertisement. Why would I waste my hard earned money on crappy apps like this?

  • These would of been helpful 3 weeks ago, when I went to Disney. I guess in 5 years when I go back, I can use these apps.

  • Urugami

    Going there soon; had the Verizon Disney Magic app for our last trip.
    How does the Notescast app stand up to that one? Or even the freely-available m.disney.com site WDW has online? The VZW app had great tactical info, including follow-me and guiding maps to get around, wait times, FastPass times, character schedules, etc.
    This NotesCast app looks like it’s just static info that’s better done on the Disney web site.

    The Hidden Mickeys one could be fun… Might have to urge the 4-yo to go on a mouse hunt 😉

    PS… Kimberly: TimeStream looks like a third party; Disney didn’t put this out.

  • Nathan James

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