$99 Android Tablet at Walgreen’s this Christmas

This Christmas, Walgreen’s will offer an Android tablet on their website.  Walgreen’s is going to offer their tablet for just $99 (marked down from the $129.99 original price).

The tablet being offered is named the Maylong M-150.

The Maylong tablet runs the aging Android 1.6 OS and is assumed to not come with access to Google Marketplace.  The display on the Maylong tablet is a 7-inch (800 x 480) resistive touchscreen TFT LCD display (comes with a Stylus). The 7-inch tablet is powered by a ARM9(VM8505+) CPU and comes with just 256MB of DDR system memory.

The Maylong M-150 tablet for storage comes with a SD card slot. Other things featured on the budget android tablet includes USB, RJ45, built-in speaker (1W) and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g connectivity. The tablet weights only 12oz., is 0.3″ thin and is supplied a 1500MA Li-Polymer battery (no word on the battery life).

As a lower end android tablet the specs are impressive considering the $99.00 price tag. I wouldn’t mind getting one of these under the tree instead of that itchy sweater. This would be a great starter device for those who want a tablet and don’t want a $399.99 commitment with a contract as with the Galaxy Tab. So keep a look out on Walgreen’s online, these are sure to go fast.

Here is the Walgreen’s Link go check back often. They are currently out of stock, they are expected to have more in the future. They wouldn’t sell out before Christmas.

  • Alex Everingham

    That design is a huge iPad rip off.

    For $99, this doesn’t look too bad, and someone will hack the market on it and custom 2.2 roms probably. If someone sucessfully hacks it i may pick one up and do the same.

  • Haggie

    Call me when it is rooted and overclocked.

    Actually, don’t even call me then. That resistive screen is a deal killer.

  • Why does it have an “Internet Explorer®” “e” in the bar at the bottom?…

    Still probably worth the price if it’s hackable.

  • JoeE

    Hmmm, Walgreen’s dispenses its biggest tablet:-)

  • Lex

    How does it have no internal memory? Where are the apps saved? Can you only use the apps pre-installed? Unless there’s some sort of Apps2SD for 1.6 that I’ve never heard of…

  • Nguyễn Thanh Thiên

    I’d used Tablet but Market’s unavarable for download appliction which I want. Maps Google Search don’t show on monitor.

  • gad

    There are alot wrong with this tablet: resistive screen,version 1.6, 7″ screen, no market.
    The up side is the cost

  • ed greenberg

    The image shows AppMarket and the Maylong page at http://www.maylonggroup.com/M-150_MID.htm says “Download and install custom Google Android™ Applications” so I don’t understand why we think it doesn’t come with access to the Market?

    • Zabii

      Because no tablet has the market.

  • Karen

    I like vairtech tablets. I just brought one and it works great. http://www.vairtech.net

  • Lex

    The ONLY upside to this tablet is that you’ll be able to walk into a store and buy it. There are better Android tablets running 2.1 available online, if you wanna risk ordering from China.

  • cheap-bastrd

    It would be a good gift for a 5 year old… instead of a Nintendo DS… I think the kids would learn much from with some ed-apps… if only I could download them in this pad… by the way it has an icon that says “app market” any idea about what market?

  • Terry

    I bought one of these Maylong M-150 from Walgreens for $99. It has a nice ebook reader and it plays Youtube video well via Wi Fi but it does not play any other video worth a damn. I placed some of my AVI video on a USB key and connected it via the USB unit that plugs into the side of the tablet and it played the video but the video was slow and the audio lagged behind. The video was unwatchable. Then I figured that if I installed a micro SD card and put the video on it, it might play better. No it didn’t! I then placed a small video on the internal memory with the same sad story. Don’t buy it it you want to play any video but Youtube. The software available for download in their marketplace is crap or nonexistent or does not work. I was able to play MP3 musice via USB fine. The music player is ok. One application that actually worked when I downloaded it was solitaire (why wasn’t it already one there! The battery life with WIFI on is crap. Maybe an hour or two. It may last longer just playing music. The touch screen is sensitive enough with a heavy enough touch. It was not too irritating. I guess I will keep this to read books on and to listen to music. One can surf the internet but it is not the fastest at it. I did go to Amazon and it seemed to work OK. Youtube was fast and worked fine. I read that you can plug a mouse into it but have not tried that yet. A stylus comes with it to allow better control of touch but he finger works OK too. I hope that others buy and hack it and let folks like me who would like to do so know how. I sure would like to be able to make it faster and put in a larger internal drive. If I could put on another operating system that would be cool too. For the price, it is a good little toy if it does not burn out soon.