New, Android-based JooJoo Tablet Coming in 2011


Fusion Garage revealed earlier this week that a follow-up is in the works for their JooJoo tablet.  This time around, the developers have opted to use Android for the backbone with hopes of full Android Market support. It’s being reported that the original JooJoo would go away entirely once the new model arrives, which should be early next year, 2011.


  1. It will be interesting to see how long Google continues to lock out these cheap tablets from Marketplace access in order to support expensive tablets sold thru mobile phone companies like Verizon.

    Once that charade dies, you’ll be able to buy a fully loaded wifi android tablet for under $200 and the iPad will be a faint memory.

  2. Honestly I’d rather buy an ipad then anything from this company they are sooner or later to bust and then not follow up on support. So thanks but, no thanks.

    • Actually many people complain about Apple’s customer support. That’s the problem with the current generation. They’re willing to spend all of their parent’s cash to support a name rather than to buy a product and this support locks out the smaller, less recognized companies which are just as good or better.

  3. But at $200 – about 16k yen, one month of lunch money – I don’t really care about support any more. That’s the kind of price point where you can get one and use it until it breaks without worrying too much about it. If it’s decently hackable it’s cheap enough to get as a controller and screen in DYI projects.