Forward Cheating Spouse’s Incoming SMS Messages with Secret SMS Replicator

This is one of those app announcements sure to get people talking. DLP Mobile has launched a controversial new application, Secret SMS Replicator, into the Android Market aimed specifically at users who want to secretly and remotely monitor the incoming SMS messages on another handset. Stepping out on your girlfriend or wife? You might want to lock your phone up lest she learns of Secret SMS Replicator.

Once the application is installed on your target’s phone, it runs in the background and completely hides itself. At that point forward, it secretly forwards each incoming incoming SMS messages to the number(s) you choose. There is no icon, no shortcut, and no settings panel. The only way to get into the app is to text the target phone a pre-determined code word.

Secret SMS Replicator is $4.99 to purchase and can be found immediately in the Android Market.

  • So what happens if you set up two phones to forward to each other?

    • Slick Vic

      It will destroy the space-time continuum!

  • Name

    How about just getting a divorce?

    • Pete

      Agreed! Trust is the most important thing to a great relationship. If you don’t trust your partner, end the relationship. Also, I don’t think an app like this should even be legal, since it is hidden and with no access from the person whose phone it is installed on.

      • Michael

        This is how I caught my wife cheating. Not this app…but I read her text messages while she was asleep.

        Trust, but verify.

        • Slick Vic

          Wow! Talk about insecure. I would never go through my girl’s text messages.

          • Sneeky Stu

            Ah, Slick Vic, your woman is getting some elsewhere for sure!! LOL

        • Cheater

          nice to know you were telling the truth about reading my texts, timing of your post is way too close to home.

  • Adam

    Ummm…if it’s installed through the market can it not be UNINSTALLED through the market?

  • shocked

    Im pretty sure this is legal , and im a bit concerned that the app doesnt even have to be down loaded to the phone your spying on directly .WTF is that ……. I would suggest we look into the legal ramifications of this app, im sure this infringes on your right to privacy in somewhere shape or from…… This is what happens when technology get out of hand ..I can see a polition or celebrity filing suit because of this .

    • ontheFritz

      it DOES need to be installed on the “target’s” phone.

  • Chris

    The best part of this app is its $4.99, so when your “Cheating Spouse” looks at their Google account or cell phone bill there will be a charge for “Secret SMS Replicator.” Then you will be looking like a dumb ass when they bring the bill to you and demand an explanation.

    • Ryan

      Not to mention, their phone buzzes every time you get a text message. I’d be willing to bet that this “exposes” more suspicious assholes than it does cheaters.

    • Slick Vic

      LMAO! So true! 😀

  • Kilgore Trout

    Adam, agreed. Seems to me that it’s probably visible in running apps. Of course, most people won’t look there.

    Who wants to download this and see how easy it is to detect?

    Anyone readying themselves for a nightly of CM and want to purchase, look for signs of it then unpurchase and reinstall android (just to make sure it’s not running in the background somewhere)?

  • Golem! Golem!

    Ahhh finally an easier way to stalk ex-girl friends (-:<

    • chuck

      ^ serious or not, that was really funny.

  • Bona

    Or, you can install SMS Backup (free) and set it to send all her SMS messages to your Gmail account…

  • engops

    Already pulled from the market. 🙁

  • Dreadful Dac

    maybe people should date people they trust?!?!?!

  • Deb

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