Google Announcing a Gingerbread Nexus Two Soon?


The Nexus One successor rumors kicked into high gear last night thanks to a City AM article.  According to them, Google and Carphone Warehouse are are planning to release a new handset as early as this year.  It is said that this phone will release with Gingerbread and may not come from HTC or Samsung.  Naturally, everyone said to be involved in the deal (Google, Carphone Warehouse) are remaining tight-lipped.

Looking back at the last few months, we don’t see much to indicate Google would try another handset.  The Nexus One forums are going away, the store is closed, and things look wrapped up.  On the surface, it appears it’s all in the past.  We’ll find out one way or another if City AM’s intel proves correct.

Source: CityAM


  1. Could the new Google phone, the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Samsung “Google Experience” all be the same phone? That’s my bet!

  2. Project Emerald

    Google learned that people in America don’t want to pay full price for a cell phone but they did learn that they like unlocked phones. I am guessing a Google experience unlocked but subsidized by t-mobile. If t-mobile was smart that’s what would happen.

  3. I think that’s Motorola Droid T2 will be the first in the world Android phone with OS Android 3.0 (GingerBread). Will release in the end of year 2010 or early 2011. Nexus One is totally fail and thats why not success sales in the market.