CyanogenMod 6.1.0 RC-1 Available!

CyanogenMod owners rejoice!  An update is available for the CM6 has gone live!  So far, at the time of this article,  it has been released for the Dream/Sapphire,  Liberty, Hero, Espresso (myTouch 3G Slide), Passion (Nexus One)  & Supersonic (EVO 4G) devices.  That’s all we have for now, we may come back to you with more information and hands-on after we spend some time with this release.  The files can be downloaded at and the change log can be found on cyanogen’s github site.

Now get your flash on!

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  1. nicbot
    October 28, 11:54 Reply

    Man, what is taking these guys so long to get the Galaxy S class (Captivate) rom going? I mean I understand the priority list, but damn I want me some CyanogenMod.

  2. Noah
    October 28, 16:03 Reply

    I would add that the Liberty is called Aria for US customers as a note like you have (myTouch 3g), (Nexus One), (EVO 4G), i’m just sayin!! Thanks for the news though! What is up with the second sentence?

  3. Jason
    October 28, 20:26 Reply


    sooo how about you step in and get cm running on it?

  4. Stramondroid
    October 29, 11:35 Reply

    Donate a galaxy S to Cyanogen, and it will climb the priority list more quickly. More devices he has, the quicker he can port to it.

  5. Danny
    October 29, 15:08 Reply

    installed it, now i can’t use the market.
    It says “application is not installed”

    • Whitey
      November 11, 07:32 Reply

      need to install the google apps mod too. Same way as cyanogenmod, through boot loader.

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