Dolphin Browser HD v4.0 Released on the Market

The popular Dolphin Browser HD has been updated to a new version 4.0 which includes some bug fixes & a few new features.  According to the changelog, bug fixes include an issue regarding swipe gestures and other smaller bugs.  Added are support for 12 different languages, an enhanced UI and bookmarks folder support.

These features add to the already awesome experience that comes with surfing the web using Dolphin Browser HD.  Be sure to check out the many various add-ons such as colored themes or “bookmarks to sd” which can import/export bookmarks to/from the sd card.  All of this can be found on the Android Market for free!  We definitely recommend the AndroidGuys add-on.  We’re just saying.

  • android_purity

    All they’ve done is rip-off the FireFox mobile app…… nothin special

    • Unremarkableguy

      I didn’t think that FireFox has flash support.

  • sansenoy

    I’ve had ver 4.0 for a while now (european unlocked Desire, 2.2); BTW, where the hell do you enable bookmark folders???? Someone pls explain, it could finally solve the worst android screwup I can think of (no bookmark management)…

  • Not like this anymore, I am waiting for the Firefox Mobile for Android.