French Knew of Android Back in 80’s (Humor)

Look at this!  Google and the Android team are thieves.  They stole the idea for the beloved green robot from somewhere else, those unoriginal chumps.  Sarcasm aside, it is funny to watch the short clip below to see little traces of our favorite Android.  We can totally see the green fella doing the same song and routine.  

Thanks for the tip, Pascal!

  • I hope that this doesn’t mean that someone will use the Smurfs as inspiration for a technical product. (No, IBM, don’t do it.)

  • Todd

    Don’t even joke like that! If the iZombies ever get wind of this, they’ll be regurgitating it for years. They’ve been claiming for months that the Android mascot was stolen from a little known Atari 2600 video game after an Engagdget “reporter” noticed the character.

  • Pete

    Looks more like something South Park ripped off, if you’ve ever seen a Canadian on South Park.