Mobile Security from Juniper

Juniper’s new beta release, Pulse Mobile Security Suite, will be able to offer users (Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, iPhone and Windows Phone) the ability to locate lost or stolen devices using GPS, perform remote data wipes, and block spam and malware.  Pulse offers parental controls such as the blocking of messages containing certain terms. Service providers can also offer cloud-based services including automatic data backup.
“For the first time, using our Junos Pulse Mobile Security Suite, consumers and businesses have a way to fully protect and secure their mobile work and lifestyles, opening up new applications and opportunities for the entire mobility market,” commented Juniper’s Mark Bauhaus.  It’s no secret that personal mobile devices are quickly becoming the defacto means for access to corporate networks, making them one of the most valuable, but also most vulnerable portals to sensitive personal and professional information.

Android and BlackBerry support is immediate, with Windows Mobile 6.1,  Symbian, iPhone and Windows 7 Phone coming over the next few months.  This would be a great addition to your brand spanking new smart phone. Most certainly nowdays when so much personal info is stored on them. If your phone were to ever end up lost or stolen, a few quick steps could save you a whole lot of trouble and headaches. Pulse Mobile Security Suite is worth a look.