NF300i Nikon3D Android 2.1 3D Digital Photo Frame

Nikon recently revealed a new 2D/3D Digital Picture Frame which will be running the Android 2.1 OS out of the box. The NF300i features a 7.2-inch screen , WiFi (802.11 b/g), LAN, 4GB of internal memory,  and support for JPEG , MPO p, MEPG4 (H.264), AAC and MP3 audio files. The NF-300i also comes with a “Glasses- less” 3D screen and many additional perks only an Android device could bring.  Perks like real time weather information, RSS feed reader, alarm clock, email support and more.

Members of Nikon online service “My Picturetown” will be able to convert their 2D picture into 3D!  By simply uploading your 2D Picture, Nikon’s team of engineers and software developers will work, for a fee (1,995 Yen per month or about $25 US), to convert your art in 3D and then later enjoy them in your gorgeous Nikon NF-300i 3D picture frame. Yet another fine example of what Android can do!  Via Gizmodo

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