NOOKcolor Gets its Juice From TI OMAP3621

The director of TI’s Worldwide eBook Business Line, Gregg Burke, wrote a little blog about TI’s OMAP processor powering the recently announced new NOOKcolor.

The new eReader of Barnes & Noble is running on TI’s OMAP3621 (ARM Cortex™-A8 processor-based), making the processor quite similar to the iPad, which also runs on an A8-architecture. But what’s more interesting is the fact that this is the very first consumer reader-product that runs the on the combination of TI’s OMAP and Android. The processor is optimized for multitasking and rich 2D and 3D rendering, making this an promising Christmas present.

  • bryan

    Both the Droid and Droid 2 ( and m pretty sure the Droid X too ) run OMAP processors.

  • Theweakend


    I would so install android on a ipad just to spite Steve jobs.