Tonight on AGTN!

This week on AGTN, our host Ray Walters is back from vacation and back in the saddle, and he has the usual motley crew of Android Geeks and Dweebs with him to talk about our favorite green Android!

Topics we will be covering tonight:

1.  We will be talking with Todd from Bloom Worlds about their family friendly market app coming up.

2.  Is 4G REALLY 4G?  We will be talking about the marketing and semantics behind the carriers using this labeling, particularly T-Mobile with the release of the Mytouch 4G.

3.  Steve Jobs hates Android.  Did he really make any good points on the investor call last week?

4.  A whole SLEW of Android release news!

5.  Our Co-Host Aaron Kasten is LIVE at the Sprint Developers Conference, he will give us an update about the Android happenings with the pindrop company.

Join us tonight LIVE at 9:00 PM CST, you can listen on your computer or your android phone by going to

See you there!

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