Facebook Mobile Event Slated for November 3rd – Android Related?

The much-rumored and quickly denied Facebook phone could finally be unveiled next week–or at least something new relating to social networking on mobile devices.

Earlier today the company began sending out invites to members of the press for a mobile-focused event next Wednesday at its headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif.

What could it be?

A refreshed reworked mobile site for Facebook’s millions of users would be a good guess. With all the happenings with Facebook this year this is the most likely senario.

There is a also a  rumored platform, simply called Deals, would allow companies on Places to create incentives for users who tag a certain number of friends checked into its brick-and-mortar store. Like GroupOn, the promotion is activated once the Facebook user meets his or her specified quota of tagged friends

Also, back in September, rumors began that Facebook was working with device manufacturers on a Facebook handset. A spokesperson for the company quickly responded by saying that it was flat-out false, and that “building phones is just not what we do.”

Recent stats made public by the Facebook showed more than 150 million of its 500 million active members use the site from their phones. Facebook maintains both a mobile site and a native PC site, both of which could end up being the focus of Wednesday’s event, among possible hardware developments

A copy of invitation sent out

Another note Facebook has been buying up drop.io, a service that lets users upload files online and then share them. Drop.io says Facebook has bought “most” of its “technology and assets” and that founder Sam Lessin will now join Facebook. The Drop.io service itself will shut down.

Similar acquisitions that Facebook has made over 2010: series of startups including Hot Potato, Nextstop, and ShareGroove, and has integrated those companies’ teams, while simultaneously discontinuing their products.

Something is going to drop on November 3, 2010. We will keep you posted.

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  1. Deoki
    October 30, 08:59 Reply

    I’m sure that sooner or later Facebook will add voice and video capabilities to their chat service. The most logical move, without spending millions in manufacture and development, would be to update their current apps for Android and Iphone. To create a phone just for the purpose of using Facebook as the primary activity would be a morronic attitude. Plus, if their apps get the voice and video call function, you can pretty much say goodbye to Skype. A 150 million userbase just waiting to give them money.

  2. Hello Android
    October 30, 12:51 Reply

    In this event, many people hope they will see the Facebook Phone.

  3. JaylanPHNX
    October 30, 18:38 Reply

    I’m betting that the Facebook mobile event is more for Windows Phone 7 than Android, considering the integration Phone7 has. Not to mention Microsoft’s stake-holdings in Facebook.

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