Google Maps 4.6 Lands in Android Market

Yesterday saw yet another update to Google’s Map application.  The latest release features some handy options for folks who like to do more with the app than simply get from A to B.  Maps has become one of my favorite apps as it offers a ton of features.  The 4.6 version of the app adds the ability to pare down results in Places by distance, rating, open now, related search, and neighborhood.  Places also looks the same on Android now as it does on the desktop client, making the transition seamless.

Latitude adds an experimental  feature in “Real-time updating” which lets users track their friend’s locations on Google Maps with temporary updates that happen much quicker.  It is worth pointing out that both friends need to have Android 2.2 and Map 4.6 in order for this to work.

  • Andy

    “Real-time updating” sounds like Glympse?

    Definitely a useful feature… One year ago I was going to meet my family who were out “Trick-or-Treating” and I figured I could track them using Latitude. But the fact that it had a lag meant it wasnt feasible.

  • Alan

    You dont need Android 2.2
    Any Android 2.0+ System will do.

    Worked great on my glitchy Samsung Captivate’s GPS

  • money mo

    It works with my vibrant and I’m running android 2.1