Major Adobe Exploit Revealed!

Adobe stated in a recent press release that the Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat have a major vulnerability that can be actively exploited by hackers.

“This vulnerability could cause a crash and potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system,2 said Adobe in a security advisory.

The new exploit affects mainly PC’s but Android may be susceptible due to its use of a Flash player yet right now only flash via PDF is being exploited successfully.

The vulnerability is rated critical and can lead to remote code execution. Meaning the hacker can take control over your computer and install malicious programs without you knowing. Then they have access to anything stored on the system. So watch out.

All versions of Flash are vulnerable including Windows, Linux, Mac and our beloved Android. A patch for Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat are expected by the second week in November even earlier for Flash. So the most you have to wait is a couple of weeks.

If your concerned that you may be susceptible to an attack, only go to trusted sites for your Adobe related material, Or just do not read any PDF files until the bug is fixed. Don’t forget to update your Adobe Flash Player on your Android OS and on your PC.

  • jim gilliam

    This has happened to me and I don’t use flash player anymore. Even Adobe is to blame, not just hackers. Read adobe’s terms of use for flash player… it states the user agrees to the criteria of being invaded by malicious intent.

    Adobe, go away or protect your users.

  • Sam

    Anybody who uses Windows these days without something like Comodo Defense+ or Norton Internet Security is asking for trouble anyway. I’ve happened to witness first hand a dodgy site trying to attack my computer and the aforementioned security software will alert and block it. This isn’t the same as anti-virus software, in fact the reason I started using more active-defending software is that I got infected and though the AV software picked it up when I rebooted the infection was already on the system. Mind you, most of the dodgy sites are porn and the most likely place you will pickup problems – you have been warned.

    Not sure how the Mac or Android has the same level of defence though as the products simply arn’t available. Apple seem to believe that obscurity is security.

    Essentially Flash and Adobe Reader are no different to browsers and IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari have all had their fair share of loopholes. Uninstalling Flash won’t hope you there, which is why you ought to use security software.

    Sandboxing appears to offer a way of even greater security, indeed some browsers put the plugins into “containers” specifically for this, though I don’t know how successfull this is.

  • God Dammit

    Doesn’t Microsoft Security Essentials protect against attacks like this?

    • Microsoft security protect? Lmao!

      • God Dammit

        Microsoft’s Security Essentials product is just as good as the best paid antimalware products. Also, since Vista SP 1 it has been very difficult to compromise a Windows computer without sitting in front of it. Unix and Linux are just as vulnerable to malware as Windows. Don’t kid yourself.

        • Raqua

          LOL, my friend, you have no idea….