Motorola Prepping a Droid Pro Sans Camera?

Engadget is reporting today that they have proof, of sorts, that Motorola has designed an alternate version of the yet-to-be released Droid Pro. This model will be different in that it will not have a camera feature. There may be other changes, but this alone speaks to us that Motorola recognizes there is a market for such a model. The form factor alone should attract a business-minded customer, but the camera omission could help put it over the top for enterprise users. Scoff if you will, but there plenty of places one can work where a camera phone is simply prohibited.

On the other hand there is the possibility that whoever put together this document assumed the Droid Pro did not have a camera to begin with.

  • Calvin Che

    This is great news! Here in Singapore, all males at the age of 18 have to go through 2 years of army, “National Service”. Camera phones are prohibited during the 2 years stint.