Motorola Reports Earnings Boost, Gives Android Credit

Motorola reported its biggest profit in 3 years in the 3rd Quarter of 2010. Motorola credits Google’s Android powered smart phones for the jump in sales.

Motorola’s mobile division rose by 20 percent from just a year ago thanks to the new Droid 2 and Droid X.

Motorola shipped out 3.8 million smart phones this quarter and the division posted a profit of $3.1 million. Which is better than their $183 million dollar loss a year ago.

Motorola already launched 22 smart phone models this year and believes next years numbers to be similar.

Inspired by a vision of “Seamless Mobility”, the people of Motorola are committed to helping people stay connected simply and seamlessly to the people, information, and entertainment that they want and need. And Google’s Android OS accomplishes this task very well.

  • Theweakend

    Great job you guys dug yourselves out of a grave, now how about ditch motoblur and just put vanilla android on your devices and i guarantee you’d make better sells.

    • @theweakend. Motorola is going all the way to the top! Droid X

  • Great job!The Motorola mobile division is still in the red for the year. and after the sale of Android phones a year, which has burned about 200 million dollars and is barely breaking even. Of course, that pay well.