VOTE NOW: Will There be a Nexus Two?

Nexus Two.  It’s only the hottest rumor in Android right now.  But is it really happening?  We’ve been watching the Android blogs and mobile tech sites cover the subject at great length these last few days, but we also see a lot of comments from people who are not buying it.  What better way to settle this than with an informal poll?  Sound off below: Will there be a Nexus Two coming?Vote below and then hit the comments to discuss your position!

Original, unedited image first appeared on Gizmodo.

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  • Thorpeland

    There may be a phone called the Nexus 2. But it seems it might be a already known model just named the “Nexus 2” for market positioning. Lame.

  • Will

    God I hope so

  • Hopefully/maybe yes.


    An even better situation, would be that if Gingerbread is 3.0 (and the others or 3.something), Google could create a new ‘Android 3.0’ consumer-facing brand, and, through its Google Apps licensing, could enforce that:
    a) All devices 3.0+ devices must run stock (maybe allow some basic official colour theming, but nothing else), and
    b) All devices must have certain extra minimum specs, such as the long-rumoured 1Ghz CPU and 512 MB RAM (Nexus One would then be supported still, as it should be)

    And of course this theoretical Gingerbread would have the also-rumoured UI improvements.

    And then if you think about it, especially if factoring in the also-rumoured possibility of Google partnering with Sony Ericsson/CE, it could be a be a big effort to make Android more accessible to all developers (in terms of differences, or lack of differences, between devices), but particularly game developers (and Sony could possibly bring some of its own games, such as LittleBigPlanet, and those of its close partners across – although there’s the issue that only Sony’s device is likely to have the physical game controls).

  • Jenarobfreaky

    No way in Hell. However Google will probably release a new Android Developers phone. Hopefully free at Google IO 2011.

  • Hearthatvoiceagain

    I know that is just an informal poll, but it really needs to be more than a yes/no. The current rumours suggest the nexus 2 will basically be a galaxy S with stock Gingerbread. I am not sure I believe this. However I do believe that there will be a Nexus 2 some time in the future.

  • Spencer

    YOu should add a poll if it is revolutionary, boring, good, great etc.

  • As much as I want a sequel to Nexus One, a truly open and unlocked handset that is free of carriers’ clutches, I fear that we will not see one any time soon for several reasons.

    1. Carriers don’t like to be cut out like the middle-men that they really are. They want the hardware to be the commodity, instead of the way it should be where wireless service is the commodity. AT&Ts and Verizons will do everything in their power to undermine and ridicule any attempt by Google and its partners to sell phones directly to consumers.

    2. Manufacturers aren’t ready to declare war on the carriers. They will continue to cave into pressure to provide firmware back doors and allow carriers to bastardize the OS by pulling features.

    3. Nexus One’s so-called “failure” convinced Google that customers are not ready to shed the carries’ shackles. The complete lack of any sort of marketing push during N1’s launch, HTC’s manufacturing defects, and absolutely no support strategy certainly didn’t help the situation.

    4. Unless Nexus 2 is a “world phone”, i.e. is a CDMA device AND works on both T-Mobile and AT&T 3G frequencies, it will be a hard sell yet again. You can’t preach freedom from contracts if I need to buy a different device if I want to switch carriers.

    5. The carrier subsidy still carries a lot of weight. When it comes down to shelling out $500+ or saving over $300 up front, guess which one the potential customer will choose. The math behind the savings over a typical 24-month contract doesn’t matter at that point. Google and manufacturers could make the situation better by offering their own versions of subsidies or incentives, but I don’t see that happening quite yet.

    Bottom line – even if Samsung does announce a “Nexus-2” Google-experience device, it still won’t be a true follow-up to a Nexus One.

  • Kilgore Trout

    Yes, but it will be that nameless, oddly shaped Acer phone shown seen a few weeks ago on Engadget. (I can dream, right?)

    I think most of the info coming out right now is sketchy at best. Of course, if it turns out to be true, that’d be great. My N1 is nice, but I’m ready for an upgrade.

  • I think there will be a Nexus 1 successor but it wont be called the”Nexus 2″. If it is made by “S”amsung and will be in the Galaxy “S” line of phones, I think it will be called the “Nexus S”, like the Huffinton Post is reporting

    • Theweakend

      Nexus s2


  • SSA

    I love my Nexus One, the only way I would replace it would be if with another device that received its software directly from google. None of this carrier skins, anti root chips, no tethering, nonsense that the carriers insist on putting in.

  • jdog

    Google needs to have a new developer phone so it might not be called the “Nexus Two” but I am 100% sure a Nexus One successor is coming. Just remember that every dev phone had a different name G1, Google Ion, and Nexus One, I have owned all of them. I bought 2 Nexus Ones and I will be 2 Nexus Twos.

  • I think I’m the only one who’s hoping this won’t be the next Google phone. I have a Nexus One, and it’s been great getting Froyo before anyone else, but if this next phone has gingerbread from launch, that’ll mean Google have delayed it coming to the N1 just to make this new phone the first of it’s kind. I reckon that’s not good for N1 owners 🙁

  • Theweakend

    I think it is going to happen but it’s going to be a little different then the nexus one, and here’s how…
    1) Google is going to subsidize the phone. Why, you ask google is selling a platform to advertise on not a service like the carriers are. (Although search is considered a service lets not get into that)

    2)The Galaxy S was chosen over htc because there is a version of this phone on all the carriers already. Just think, if Google and Samsung come to the carriers and say, there is a phone we want to sell with your service but you don’t have to pay for it just just provide the service and get paid for that, what carrier is going to say no? Right I can see why At&t and Verison would say no but free money, i doubt they are dumb enough to say that.

    I did however say on another post that this is Tmobile’s Project Emerald. Do i still believe this? I honestly don’t know Tmobile is pretty tight with Google so they could have let them know of their plans before the rest of the carriers, who knows?

  • Pax

    As long as it is not a Samsung! would be wonderful.

  • Remember my rumor on the $199 VOIP-centric Nexus One last year?

    Yeah, that’s what we still need today. If the Google Voice SIP/VOIP integration rumors are true, the fact that Samsung would be making it makes it less likely that it will be priced significantly cheaper than current super phones, thus remain above $500 per phone unlocked, and upwards $3000 with the 2-year contracts.

    The Super phones even Galaxy S or Droid X are manufactured for prices below $170 in the factories of China. With increased competition in the Android super phone market, why can’t we buy one $199 unlocked at do VOIP-only using a VOIP version of Google Voice on those?

    I’m hoping that somehow Samsung sees an opportunity in somehow marketing Nexus Two at least below $299 unlocked, and sell it principally unlocked, if the major 4 US carriers don’t like giving people SIM cards to use in any devices out of contracts, then I dunno, perhaps some of those carriers have LTE ready by then and would be “ok” letting this work on that. Problem is how do you convince a carrier to become a dumb pipe?

    In any ways, the next few days are going to be very disruptive. Maybe.

  • My hope is that it’s like a Galaxy S, but with a Tegra 2. There’s been talk of Samsung making a Tegra 2 phone. That’d be amazing!

  • I don’t like the Samsung handset, the Nexus One is good design but maybe not Nexus Two. I also hear that Google confirms they have no plan to develop the Nexus Two, in some last month.

  • UDTSeal

    This WILL NOT be a Nexus 2 phone. It may be a Galaxy S type phone without Touchwiz and the full on “Google Experience” but any future “Google Phones” will be announced by Google at a Google event. They won’t allow Samsung to take ownership of the name.
    Just like the Nexus One was Google’s phone with HTC being just the manufacturer, so too will the Nexus 2 be solely Google’s.