Xperia gets Android 2.1!

One of the few devices still in the dark age is the Xperia. Not very much longer. The Xperia X10 and X10 mini and X10pro all will soon be running Android 2.1.

The first roll out is coming this Sunday, to Nordic countries first, in the evening European time. And then the roll-out will continue throughout the month of November for everyone else.

These updates will give you some features introduced by Android 2.1, and the Xperia X10 will also get HD-video recording in 720p with continuous auto focus.
The key changes for the different products are the following:

Xperia X10:

  • HD video recording with continuous auto-focus for high quality videos
  • Android 2.1
  • New back up and restore application, with extended content back up
  • 5 homescreens for apps, widgets, shortcuts and folders
  • Social phonebook which automatically syncs contact pictures from Facebook and shows when your friends are online
Xperia X10 mini and X10 mini pro:

  • Improved Bluetooth functionality with support for sending and receiving pictures, contacts and more
  • New backup and restore application with extended content back up
  • Automatic sync of your contact pictures between Facebook and your phone book
  • Improved ways of handling pictures, audio, text and numbers in your messages
  • Android platform 2.1
In most markets, your phone will automatically let you know with a notification when the update is ready for your specific software version and then you will be guided to how to perform the update using the PC Companion software. In that process, because of this being a big update, you will also be guided through some steps to be able to backup personal data before the update and then restore it when the update is finished. Find out more at
  • mgj

    YES! Finally the 2.1 update sees the light of day, after being delayed. Awesome news.

  • My Galaxy

    Just when everyone else has got or is getting 2.2, they should have just skipped eclair and gone straight to froyo .

  • Disinto

    Does it make the Xperia X10 desirable now? I don’t think so;

  • God Dammit

    This is a minor issue. Sony will be releasing their own version of Android 2.2 in early 2011 in the USA. It will be extremely easy to get. All you’ll have to do is head to your local AT&T store and buy a new phone. No big deal.

  • James Jacó

    Tive os iphones, classic, 3g, 3gs e atualmente estou com o 4, nunca tive um andoroid, resolvi entrar na plataforma android para ver o que a mesma tinha para me oferecer, resolvi entrar na plataforma pelo X10a e adivinhem… Quebrei a cara, e bem quebrada, tenho em casa um PS3, Mu-te-ki, e uma Bravia, apostei no X10a pensando na qualidade desses produtos acima mencionados, decepcionei-me profundamente, estatisticas apontam que 77% dos dispositivos androids ja usam 2.1 acima, ora, vejam só, a Sony, empresa de renome mundial em tudo, ou melhor, agora quase tudo, faz parte dos míseros 13% que não rodam android, parabéns!

    Agora faço-lhes a seguinte indagação, sou um cliente pós-pago e ano que vem pegarei outro aparelho, hoje tenho um iphone 4 e um x10a, adivinhem qual aparelho comprarei em 2011???


    Pois a minha experiência com a Sony foi a pior possível, se me perguntarei qual aparelho escolher o que eu digo??
    O mesmo que um funcionário da Sony SINCERO falaria: “Um iphone sem dúvida!”