Archos Prepping Froyo for Gen 8 Tablets

L-to-R: Archos 101, 70, 43, 32, 28 – aka Generation 8

It looks like all manufacturers are giving some early Christmas-presents. We’ve seen the 2.1 update for the Xperia, the HTC Wildfire, and more goodies are coming! Archos is joining the hype too, giving their brand new Generation 8 tablets a Froyo update. has spent some time with the beta version and reports it’s working quite smooth. You can clearly see the 1GHz Cortex A8 shows off it’s muscles. The Archos tablets still don’t have acces to the Market, but with a single .apk install it should be fixed.


Source: Androidpolice

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  1. Jay Dub
    November 01, 11:25 Reply

    If a Market apk for 2.2 comes out, I’ll grab one for a Christmas gift (I guess I’ll have to install the Market before giving it).

    Why can’t we get a tablet (other than the Tab) that has the full 2.2 experience? Everything else either has no Market, no 2.2 or all, or not enough processing power to run flash.

    • Some Guy
      November 01, 12:54 Reply

      Because initially Google slated the Android Market for phones only. Android has grown into more than they initially imagined. (They’ve been planning on browser-only Chrome OS to be for tablets.) Anyways I believe I read somewhere, that Google is going to make the Android Market standard for every Android device as of Gingerbread, or was it Honeycomb? One of them. Users of the previous versions, on tablets, just have to add it themselves. And you probably won’t see Froyo or Flash on devices less than 800 MHz or 1 GHz.

      • Todd
        November 02, 01:05 Reply

        Chrome was originally for netbooks, which meant it had no touch interface. It makes no sense to add a touch interface to an OS that doesn’t have it when you already have a perfectly fine OS that’s designed for small touchscreen tablets.

  2. Todd
    November 02, 01:07 Reply

    Where are the generation tablets from Archos? I want to get my parents a 10inch tablet, but there’s no way I’m getting them that other tablet. I’m getting the Galaxy for myself, but they need the larger screen size. Matter of fact, I’d really like to get them something around 15 inches.

    • BogartOfElCajon
      November 02, 19:12 Reply

      I agree. Me too, I have been waiting for the Archos 10 inch tablet. When will Archos release this. My Mom is already bugging me about it.

  3. mbt uk
    March 04, 07:44 Reply

    The Archos tablets still don’t have acces to the Market, but with a single .apk install it should be fixed.

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