Adobe Connect 8 Now Available for Android

Adobe has finally brought its popular web conferencing software to Android.  Their new Connect 8 is available for Android (as well as iOS) and, according to the press release, one can now attend a web-meeting or webinar via their Android handset, rather than being in front of the computer.  As long as the phone runs Adobe Flash, or Adobe AIR, it will work.   Users are able to collaborate anytime, anywhere, with chat conversations, slides, presentations, and live video feeds!  If you are looking for this for your business, there are different rates for your needs.  You can check them out at Adobe’s website.

  • TheDrizzle

    You say it was released for iOS, then go on to say that it works on any phone supporting Flash and AIR. Aren’t those contradictory?

    • Hell

      OR OR!!!

  • Anonymous

    Did you mean to have a link to the app in the marketplace? Perhaps you’re assuming people would know to look there. 🙂 But for those who may not, here’s the link: