Android 2.2 for MyTouch 3g Delay.

t-mobile screen shot of official statement

This is not going to be what you T-Mobile myTouch 3G owners wanted to hear, to those of you still waiting for Android 2.2 to get out to your device.
T-Mobile started rolling out Froyo to the myTouch 3G around the midway mark of October. The update is still rolling out and it might not be hitting some devices until December 15.
Over the weekend, T-Mobile extended the Froyo roll out. Originally, it was going to be completed by October 25th. Now, it’s supposed to be completed by December 15th. No explanation was given and the OTA update will continue to roll out in staggered waves.
So all you MyTouch owners have a bit longer to wait if you don’t already have “Froyo”

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  • dethduck

    This isn’t a delay of the rollout, the rollout is and has been ongoing. This is an extension of the rollout period, not necessarily a bad thing.

  • @dethduck yes it is a delay of the rollout, it was supposed to be done by November then pushed back until December. Semantics. Seems like a delay to me. All you MyTouch users that don’t have 2.2 it’s coming. We’ll keep you posted here with any further Android news @

  • Richard

    I was actually informed by an Android Tech Support agent that the reason for the extension is because the myTouch 3G 1.2 (3.5mm Jack/Fender LE) are now included in the update.

  • Andy

    Has anyone tried to watch a video on their myTouch with 2.2 upgrade? Every DVD that I have processed to fit on my phone storage now plays for about 1hr 10min and then freezes. If I try to advance beyond that point using the scroll bar then it resets back to somewhere near the start of the file. These files all played normally prior to the upgrade but now fail with the default player or Real Player. My wife’s MT3G updated today and has the same problem 🙁

  • dan

    Well I got the text in the beginning of october and have yet to receive the 2.2 yet–and it’s 12/2….will I get it? if not, life will go on, no biggie….but hoping that i do….
    does anyone know how to store certain text threads somewhere where it’s hidden? i have a few threads that I do not want to delete, yet I do not want it in the midst of all my other text…(I have a wondering eye in the house)

  • Chris

    Informtion just received from T-Mobile re: Android Update

    ~Daly B(T-Mobile Rep): Thanks for your patience. A 2.2 android update will be automatically rolled out to all myTouch phones by Dec 15, 2010. There is no way to manually download or install this. You will have to wait until it is rolled out to your phone. I’m sorry for any inconvenience.
    ChrisS: Does this include the 3.5mm jack model?
    ~Daly B(T-Mobile Rep): Yes, that is correct. It will include that model.

  • Steven

    Ok, so it’s 16 December 2010 and I have yet to hear a single peep from t-mobile regarding this update. I have the MyTouch 3g 1.2 (3.5mm Jack/Fender LE) maybe that is why.

  • Gilbert

    I have the mytouch 3G with 3.5mm jack and still havn’t heard anything about an update my phone…

  • sonny

    So when will 1.2 users get the update???