Market Bug Showing Yahoo! Video Chat for non T-Mobile Customers

Android Purity is reporting today that the Yahoo! Video Chat app, that is supposed to be exclusively for T-Mobile customers, is showing up in the Android market for non-magenta subscribers.  In this case specifically, a Sprint user.

Judging from the screen shots posted, its looks as though opening the app is out of the question, however it seems to be correctly speculated that a bug exists allowing this app to show up in the first place.  The screen shot on the left, for comparison, is from my T-Mobile G2 and the screen shot on the right is from a Sprint Evo 4G courtesy of Android Purity.

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  1. Jonathan
    November 01, 21:56 Reply

    I see it on my Evo. For Mytouch 4G exclusively. Ha!

  2. Bo
    November 01, 22:20 Reply

    Exclusively for T-mobile huh? Kinda like the Verizon exclusive NFL app that’s running on any Android thanks to devs. Love it on my Sprint Epic 4G!

  3. loco
    November 02, 03:32 Reply

    hahaha!!! already i got this app like 3 weeks ago i downloaded the apk from androidpolice web and it works perfectly on my nexus one 2.2.1

  4. Travis Harris
    November 02, 08:56 Reply

    You don’t need to open this that’s why its grayed out.. Think of this app as an attachment or plugging to the existing yahoo messenger app.. Ive been using this for a while on my N1 & i found out recently that yahoo released an upgrade to the video portion of the app.. the update basically renders video chat useless (It force closes now).
    In order to long into y messenger you must install the new update! I found a work around to get video chat to work yesterday… you have to login update the app then locate te old app.apk file an downgrade.. LOL its a pain in the neck because anytime ur logged out u have to update to gain access to the app BS!!

    • Nino
      November 02, 15:43 Reply

      anyone whos having problem with the yahoo video chat should upgrade the yahoo messenger to im_3884.apk they sent over few weeks ago and downgrade to the video extension file that was leaked from the mytouch 4g….do not install the video chat ext they sent as it is a broken file….it works flawlessly on my samsung vibrant and on my htc hd2 running froyostone….

  5. android_purity
    November 03, 12:22 Reply

    Cool they posted my blog post awesome :) but it actually does run on my Evo, I tested video chat shortly after. And the qik video chat for the mytouch 4G also works. And they both work better than the one for the Evo which is strange

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