ViewSonic Throwing it’s Hat Into Android Tablet Fray

ViewSonic is joining the Android tablet party with two new Android devices, according to an article over at CNET today.  The first of the two being the ViewPad 7, an Android 2.2 tablet.  The specs are lined out in a quote from the CNET article:

Due out in late November, priced at $479, the ViewPad 7 runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 512Mb of integrated memory and a microSD slot for your own supply. The device pulls the internet down over Wi-Fi (b/g), but includes 3G capabilities if you want to supply your own SIM

No word on any carrier picking up the above unit as of yet though. The above mentioned tablet also sports a 7 inch screen. Not a bad price point for a 2.2 tablet, we will be watching it with interest.

The second offering from ViewSonic is actually a Windows 7 tablet that can dual boot into Android 1.6 called the ViewPad 10.  While it is pretty cool to have a dual boot device with Android on it, version 1.6 of the OS is nothing to cheer for at this point.  The unit has a 10.1 inch screen, with both front and rear facing cameras, multi touch screen, 16 SSD drive and a microSD expansion slot.  There will be no Market support for the unit, so there may not be much reason to jump out of the Windows partition on the unit into Android.  Pricing on the ViewPad 10 is $629.  More info as it comes in.

  • Anyone know what version of the Snapdragon this is?

  • tekrhino

    Nice piece of hardware,

    Unfortunately (For Me), any one SPEC that doesn’t meet or beat what my Nexus One can do, constitutes a #FAIL or “No Deal” for me.

    In Veiwsonics case would be the lack of Wireless N Support and the measley 3MP Camera.

    Also pricing is a TAD MUCH for the lack of said specs even though a dual boot would be nice, I would still want the power and speed that this device already seems to lack without having even hit the open market yet.


  • Theweakend

    Yeah price is a big issue here why would any one want this over an Ipad with a monthly fee? That’s what hardware developers need to think about when they sell these things.

  • Michal

    I really want an Android tablet, but what’s out there now is crap. Here are what I think are decent specs I would want.

    10″ screen or bigger(ipad has one, and it sells like hotcakes).
    Android Market support
    Price lower or equal to ipad.

    I don’t think I’m asking for too much, but hardware manufacturers have really been releasing mediocre products and asking more than the price of a netbook.