Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Flash

About two weeks ago now, I upgraded my phone to the HTC Evo4G. I switched from what now feels like an ancient (and tiny) HTC Hero. And although I had Android 2.2 running on my rooted Hero, this phone feels like a completely new experience. Yes of course its way faster, and the screen is way bigger. But its more than that. I think the biggest difference is having Flash.

I have never really thought too much of Flash one way or the other.  Sure I use flash everyday on the computer, but not the same way I’ve been using it on my phone.  When I’m at home if I want to watch TV I turn on the TV, if I want to listen to the radio I turn on the radio.  So I have never really looked into all the media content that is available online.  Sure I knew it existed, but I never really messed with it.  Not to mention when I did go to a site, to see something like an old show on nbc.com, it usually didn’t work all that great on my old computer.

This has not been my experience with flash on my HTC Evo4G.  I have been very impressed with flash on my phone.  Now when I am out driving around, or at work, I am constantly discovering new sites that take full advantage of flash.  I have been watching full TV episodes from places like TNT.tv, TBS.com and Spike.com. Also, I have been listening to my local radio stations while traveling away from home by going right to that stations website and listening on their Flash player (no iheart radio for Evo).  There are so many great sites that use flash to deliver their content.  I can’t wait to find more!

So please leave a comment and tell everyone what sites you like to visit that have flash content. Share with the group and tell us about that hidden site that others might not know about, because just a few weeks ago I didn’t know.

  • Snafu77

    N1 owner here. I just switched over to Dolphin HD a month or two ago and just like with the stock browser, your flash experience depends on the site. Yesterday I stumbled onto Radio.com which looks like a CBS offering that has high quality (and low quality) streams of radio stations from across the country and some internet specific offerings. The flash player for the site actually works on my N1.

  • westy

    TuneIn Radio for live radio stations.

  • Flash works brilliantly on my G2. I actually forgot it even had Flash, since I’d gotten so used to not having it on my G1. But it works exactly as it should, and only stutters every once in a while. Having it is SO nice, too. I never have to worry about whether a website will load, or leave videos unwatched until I get home. I love it.

  • Flash on a Galaxy Tab is really cool.

  • Steve Jobs tells the iFolks to wait until every site replaces Flash, and they all wait. Mashable writers seem to internalize Mr Jobs’ megalomania more than most. Me? I am a programmer: his trying to control programmers is why I chose Android.