Archos 43 On Sale for $250

Looking to grab a companion Android device for browsing the internet, watching movies, and playing games?  Grab yourself a 4.3-inch Archos 43 “internet tablet”.  Running Android 2.2 and featuring 16GB internal storage, WiFi (802.11 b/g/n), Bluetooth, and HDMI output, this guy can be had for only $250 through the Archos online store.  Still not convinced?  What if we told you it had a 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor, 2MP rear-facing camera capable of HD video recording and support for UPnP protocols?  Yeah, it is kinda tough to resist.

  • Michal

    I already have an EVO.

  • Austin

    I love how under the description of features they list Tethering, and then explain how to tether it to your phone so it can get the phone’s 3G service.

  • Pedro

    Hmm, tough sell. Why not buy iPod Touch for $229 instead? Bigger screen, but without Android Market, gonna miss out on alot of stuff.

    • calvin

      Because Apple controls what you do, and this plays flash too. You can download apps from websites and put them on your phone too.

      I know iPod touches are nice, but I wont buy one because they are trying to control everything.

    • Henry

      you can get the android market on the archos its just a simple .apk install….

  • Adam

    This would be worth getting excited about if it were a phone. But since it’s just a really small tablet with not even 3G capabilities, it should be about $100 cheaper than what they’re selling it for.

    Lol. I love under “Tethering” they actually expect someone to carry around a phone w/ a data plan and their tablet and hook one into the other to get internet. Do they honestly not see how RIDICULOUS that is/looks/seems.

    • … And this is why it is not only 100$ but 300$ cheaper than a no plan cell 3.5 inches phone

    • Henry

      not everyone wants to pay 150 a month for a phone plan, also a decent android with all these features, power plus 3g without paying for a contract would cost 500 – 600. basically it makes this a bad ass media player and good home phone(skype), plus there are so many wifi spots in most decent cities.

  • qdgundam

    hmmm…i was one of them did pre-orders and received it it Nov.10. as far as performance, there is nothing really to complain, its worth the price….but for software and firmware….Unfortunately I’m still stack with android 2.1, there is no more new update after the first one. and guess what, now i start to wonder where are they. i bought it on tigerdirect, and now they take it off the shelf, newegg don’t have any, plus they put archos 32 off shelf also, and never mind in store. they get stuff late and expensive. the wiredest part is the offical website, it never changed. all new internet tablet product are “notify me”. so….where are they?

  • tmc

    Archos should be mindful that competitors will soon enter this niche market for 3-10″ tablet real soon. If they can’t get their supply chain problems worked out (along with regular firmware updates/fixes) they’ll stumble their way to last place in market share real quick (by April 2011).

  • blackdog

    As of Dec 24 STILL not really available! Maybe they have a couple of French elves cranking out 2 or 3 a day on a little wooden bench.

    This is NOT a good way to roll out a product. 2 month delay and not available for Christmas?

    • clarinetman

      Dec 30 and I still can’t find it anywhere. Anybody know when they’ll have a new batch and ship to vendors?