Creative Brings Budget Tablets for Christmas!

We’re going to see more and more tablets as the Holiday buying season draws near, and with that volume comes the separation that we already see  in the phone market – the power user devices and the budget devices. Owning a Nexus one a few months ago was almost an elitist notion, and more and more high-powered devices have followed. The tablet market will follow suit. So let’s take a look at the high quality budget tablets coming to the UK this December from Creative.

  • Creative decided to go all out, but also make the devices affordable. With a 7″ and 10″ device on the horizon, the Zii0 series comes with a host of features geared towards a home entertainment device. So far, we know they will have:
  • The tablets use Android 2.1 and have Bluetooth capabilities, Wi-Fi connectivity and a ton of audio and video codecs.
  • There is also a front facing camera on board, built in mic, an accelerometer and a microSD card slot.
  • And if that is not all, there is also GPS, FM radio and a composite video-out connection.
  • Both the 7-inch and 10-inch come in two different storage flavours: 8GB or 16GB.

Additionally we know Creative, being the audio geeks they are, are passing on some audio power. This is all because of the company using its audio X factor – named X-Fi Crystalizer, restores lost detail from CD ripping, and X-Fi Expand. It’s still only a resistive touchscreen, though the modified UI from Creative helps make navigation a little easier. Plus, while you can side-load app, the gApps suite will of course be missing, but for those tradeoff you can get them for £199.99 (7-inch, 8GB), £219.99 (7-inch, 16GB); £249.99 (10-inch, 8GB), £369.99 (10-inch, 16GB).

Available in December, it looks like Creative has put together a quality home theater add-on and an all around nice budget Android tablet.

  • Skyman

    Is Creative Labs the ONLY tablet that has GPS? None of the others that I’ve read about seem to have GPS. Finally! Your comments please? Thanks.

  • Jim

    How is the difference in price on the 10″ tablets equivalent to 190 american dollars? $190 for 8 more GBs? Somethings isnt right. Otherwise the prices seem about right if they came to the US. I would get this over every other tablet I’ve seen so far.

  • mikeeeee

    if it’s as good as my mp3 player, it’s great.

    wonder if maps can be loaded on to it to take advantage of GPS when away from wifi?

    7 inch screen is ideal for dashboard use.

  • It will be interesting to see what challenges this will present for developers as far as developing apps that run on each of the different tablet models correctly. As long as the displays stay the same size it should make it a bit easier.

  • peter

    Notionink Adam is a 10inch hd gps android pixel qi screen tablet probably coming to sale about jan or feb 2011. i have been following these guys for close to a year. However Creative is a reliable brand and i have been waiting for a ziilab product for just as long. i might get this if my patience wears thin. they need to bring all the 7” and gps specs to the 10inch one. otherwise i will just get their new zen touch 2 and wait for the adam

  • I don’t think you have to resort to underperforming tablets. The Toshiba Thrive
    is on sale for $299 That’s
    not much for a fast high-quality tablet.