HTC Drops Source for Desire Z, G2, and Incredible

Source. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the Root hungry, angry, wanting masses of the Android community. Sorry… I couldn’t help myself. I’m so tired of the saga that is permanent root on the G2, it hurts just to think about it. I love HTC, but the experience so far with the G2’s root process has made me unhappy in a few ways. Probably the biggest is the lack of source. Hopefully, HTC’s deposit to their source library today gives what is needed to get that permanent root, and they threw in source for the Desire Z and an update to the Incredible!

We’ve seen this before, and from what has been seen so far, the source should include everything but HTC’s “proprietary” information, which can hopefully be gained by compiling the source and taking those bits out. With any luck this is the step needed to bring these devices to being Root, and then Rom ready. Time will tell though. Happy tinkering, modders!

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