T-Mobile Makes New Tethering Plans Available

With the announcement of their new budget-friendly handsets like the Comet, T-Mobile officially rolled out their new new tethering plans.  How does it work?   It’s actually quite simple. The 200MB plan runs $10 per month with a two-year service agreement for a limited time as well as a $15 option without contract. For unlimited data users, the unlimited plan runs $30 per month. Both data plans will be sold with a voice and text message plan.

For tethering lovers and WiFi sharers, T-Mobile is offering a tethering service plan that lets select smart phones operate as a wireless modem for connecting devices.The add-on option only runs $15 a month, but must be sold with a $30 unlimited data plan.

Source: CNET

  • Snafu77

    I used 66mb yesterday streaming a radio station to my N1 so I’m really wondering what Android phone will use less than 200mb in a month. Luckily T-Mobile has a system where if you go over or will go over your usage in your current cycle you can add a higher tier for the month and switch back later or you can leave it higher. Neither of those options will affect your contract. But still many people (parents?) will have to keep a close eye on their accounts or get hit with overage charges.

  • Jason

    How will this affect current Nexus One Froyo users?

  • Scmo

    This will not affect android users. This is an option only for samsung users to tether. Probably associated with the tmobile tablet. At the moment Tmobile has no way of preventing users from tethering unlike verizon sprint and att. If they will figure out if you are tethering and charge later I have no clue. I doubt you have to worry too much as a tmobile customer, they rock.

  • Scmo

    And I am rocking a N1 as well, best phone ever 🙂