Android Grows While Other Mobile Platforms Stand Still, Decline (Yep, Again)


Stop us if you’ve heard this one.  The latest comScore report is out and it shows gaining while other mobile platforms stand still or decline.  In three month period ending in September, Android rose 6.5 percentage point to account for 21.4 percent of smart phone subscribers.  Google’s OS still trails RIM who commands 37.3 percent and Apple at 24.3 percent share.  Microsoft comes in fourth at 10 percent while Palm picked up the rear with 4.2 percent.

Apple’s share stayed right where it was three months ago while RIM and Microsoft split the brunt of Android’s wrath.  Things will be fun to watch unfold as new Windows Phone 7 devices enter the fray.  Let’s not discount a few new RIM phones this holiday either.

Read the rest of the comScore report, including which handset makers accounted for the growing number of smart phones.

  • Andy

    So comscore has added four months of data since my comment on May’s report. If I’ve entered the numbers correctly in my spreadsheet then they are telling us that Apple lost overall users in May as many people held out for the new model (announced as June 24th). Since then they’ve added about 2.3M as overall smartphone use increased by 9.6M. Meanwhile Android has added about 6.2M to almost double its overall share by claiming nearly two-thirds of new users. Which continues a trend: over the last seven months of data comscore reports 13.3M new smartphone users and Android claimed 8.5M of those!

    Very interestingly comscore says iPhone added only 0.7M users in June/July compared to Jobs announcement that 3M iPhone 4s were sold in less than a month, which suggests a very high percentage of upgrade sales (so that 77% estimate looks pretty solid). Of course Jobs isnt going to go broke selling upgraded hardware to his fan base 🙂