Archos 70 Tablet with Android 2.2 Available Now

Following the release of their Archos 43 internet tablet yesterday, Archos has just dropped the new 7-inch model in their store.  The 8GB Archos 70 tablet runs Android 2.2 and retails for a reasonable $279.99.  The tablet a has resolution of 800×480, features a 1GHz processor, TV output, WiFi (802.11 b/g/n), Bluetooth, and USB support.  Like the Archos 43, it also has Samba and UPnP protocols built-in for streaming of video.  It also supports 3D graphics for video games with OpenGL acceleration.  And since we’re talking Android 2.2 here, users will enjoy full Flash content.

Archos has the hardware specs to compete with the other brand name Android tablets (Samsung, Huawei, etc) but the lack of Android Market support might turn a few customers away.

Archos plans to ship a $350 model which features a 250GB (traditional/spinning) hard drive model shortly

  • Bjoern

    I’m not sure if this is really a good thing. I still don’t get up to the idea of having a huge 7″ display with the same resolution as my 3.something” Nexus One screen.
    A tablet computer with a spinning 250GB HD, which won’t come paired with a MicroSD slot (which is only available for the flash memory devices)?
    Only 720p HD….
    OpenGL Graphics Accelerator which isn’t supported by Froyo in its stock version (and the pictures only show something what looks very much like the standard UI).
    “Webcam: yes”. Great. Which resolution? Webcam sounds like Standard VGA 640×480….

    At least the price seems okay for a slate with a capacitive multi touch screen and it looks a bit better than the usual China crap.

    • James

      Ok well for the screen, its not that bad. Think of a computer screen, even if there at there highest resolutions, on most screens 800 by 480 pixels take up about a 11″ diagonal rectangle on the screen so on a 7″ screen its still good. They just have very high res phones so people have more room for applications, but that doesn’t make it a bad tablet resolution. The HD is also fine, on anything smaller than say 15 inch screen you wouldn’t really notice the difference of a video in 720p and one in 1080p. The other stuff your probably right but for a little under $300 for the 8gb one and $350 for the 250gb you can’t miss.

  • Theweakend

    See this is the price point tablet makers need to very behind.

  • Sam

    Your feeds have shown broken images in Google Reader for the last couple of weeks (ish?) and if you click a link to this site in Google Reader, you get a Connection Reset error. I’ve tried this on several browsers/computers.

  • Jim

    Has anyone confirmed that these are shipping with Android 2.2, or are they shipping with 2.1 with an update scheduled later.

    • Bernard

      The main Archos site says it comes with android 2.2, so I would think that the company will comply with its own ad and statements. After-all, I don’t think they will want a lawsuit on their hands.

      I did place an order last night, and I am confident that it will come with Android 2.2

  • I just placed my order for the 70 last night, it was like $277 with overnight shipping, hopefully ill get it by Friday.

    It is shipping with 2.2 from what i understand, however, they did mention some kind of download codes coming with the package, i’m not sure if these are for the 2.2 update or for something else. Either way, excited to install Android Market!

  • You can easily install the Google Marketplace on this, just look for gApps4Archos.apk on Google.

  • Bianca

    This is great. I have been looking for a low cost option for Xmas for my 13 year old, and this seems to be the winner so far….wonder if there will be some new options out before the holidays.

  • Musashi

    Too bad the Archos 70 has sold out in less than 24 hours. Really Archos should do a better job of handling the PR wise. The should have an in stock counter, or some was of notifying enthusiasts that the item is no long available — other than just disabling the selection of a model when attempting to checkout.

    • Mark McCorkle

      I agree — I’ve actually been on the notify list for months, got no notification, and only saw this today — to hit the site and realize that they are all sold out makes me even more frustrated.

  • I agree. I’m not buying this alongside my Nexus. Steve Jobs had a point by saying they’re missing the point with these weak 7″ tablets. I’ll buy, when they get it right.

  • jgllo

    I just received the Archos 70. I ordered it directly from Archos on 11/2 and it was shipped on 11/5. They even gave a 10% discount w/o stating beforehand. It came with “Android 2.1 Update1” and w/o Google Marketplace. I’m slightly disappointed but am hopeful that this will be remedied in the near future. So for it’s quite nifty.

  • Bennet

    Got this just last Saturday (Nov. 20). It’s still in Android 2.1, but the device is very promising. In terms of media playing capability – HD movies, music, video streaming, and hdmi connectivity to TV, it’s probably second to none at this time … easily installed the google market application, which was a big step-up from the built-in apps lib. Display quality and functionality is quite superb

    What i’m missing from the unit is the capability for video chat … i know that it should work with Fring, but all my contacts are on Skype, Yahoo, or MSN … and still quite an unknown yet for me if what the Android Froyo 2.2 OS would bring in the table – hopefully a lot, and I will just consider that as a bonus … for now I’m quite satisfied with the purchase, except for the missing video chat capability on the commonly used communication apps.

  • Mike

    Tried to order Archos 70 Internet Tablet, but Archos site only allows me to ask to be notified. Funny how companies have so much trouble operating successfully. They have to develop products, then market them, and then shoot themselves in the backside by not having the product available to purchase. Crazy!!!

  • I always had a feeling Archos would make it right some day
    and it looks like they did
    This is exactly what I was waiting for
    They even stated that its hackable on their website
    This is Christmas coming a little earlier for me this year
    been hesitant becos of the Android Market place not being available
    but since it can be easily added then no worries
    I am getting this as soon as I can
    GO Archos!!

  • Just letting everyone know, my Archos 70 arrived with 2.1 on it and immediately had a painless update to 2.2 that took less than a minute to install. I’m LOVING this thing so far. Years ahead of the Viewsonic G-Tablet as far as build quality and usability. Monday the 101 should be shipping out, can’t wait to play with it also!