Force Your Apps to 7 Inch Goodness

The Galaxy Tab has launched with a large 7 inch screen. Much larger than the native Android apps were designed for leaving some apps locked in a smaller portion of this large 7 inch Android Tablet. Well the app called “Spare Parts” resolves this issue.
The downside is that the app does take several reboots to be properly configured, but that’s a one time ordeal. Follow the steps below.

  • Download Spare Parts from Android Market and go through the installation process, which should begin automatically after the app has been downloaded.
  • Launch the app by opening it. Scroll to “Compability Mode.” JKK Mobile advises to tap on the check box, and then untap it again.
  • Then reboot the Galaxy tab.
  • Go back into Spare Parts after reboot and go to “Comptability Mode” again and tap it again and then reboot.
  • After reboot, your apps should be in full screen.
  • Watch Youtube video below to get started.

Samsung Galaxy set Spare Parts

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