Get Your Steampunk Android Shirt ‘iSTEAM ANDY’

Android T-shirt aficionados listen up!  Dion Briggs is back with a old twist on a new classic.  Following the recently released Unstoppable and Andy Versus designs, comes iSTEAM ANDY.  Check out what happens when you mix one part steampunk with one part Exploded Andy.

We’ve commissioned our fourth Android design, full steam ahead, with inspiration from da Vinci, H.G. Wells, Andy Rubin, and our legacy of past iSteam designs. What if da Vinci worked for Google?

The shirts start at $19 a pop and go up, based on size.  As always, there’s an 18″x24″ poster available as well.  Collect all four and display them proudly!

  • Satish

    Boys why don’t you integrate the shopping cart? If I want to order 2 shirts I wouldn’t want to be paying $6 for 2 shirts!

  • InTheKnow

    Why would the artist incorporate the iSuck name into the title of his art? Are we TRYING to be like Apple? I wish people would move away from this style of product naming.