First Tastes of Gingerbread in Latest Google Maps?

As many of you know, Google Maps was updated to v4.60 last week.  What only a few eagle-eyed folks noticed, however, was that the app had some subtle hints at what might be in store for Gingerbread-based applications.  Freenode IRC member canadiancow noticed a folder contained inside the 4.60 APK that included API level 9 icons and styling.  For those that aren’t aware, Froyo handsets are running API level 8.  Canadiancow changed all references of level 9 down to level 8 and rebuilt the APK.  You can see the difference below.

Nothing super crazy, no.  Subtle, but effective enough, if you ask us.  Keep an eye on Google apps should they start rolling out new versions.

  • ScaredyCat


    I don’t really know what you’re trying to show us here, those icons are exactly what I already have under froyo with maps 4.6.0


  • Agreed – other than a slightly darker background, and more square cornered buttons, it looks pretty identical.

  • Seems as if you guys are UI-agnostic. Hackers, I reckon? 😉