T-Mobile Pushes out G2 Update With WiFi Calling


T-Mobile has begun rolling out a much anticipated update to their recently launched G2 handset today.  Marked as version 1.22.531.8, the update brings a few changes to the device, most notably the ability to make and receive calls over WiFi.  Other details include improved data connection reliability, optimized radio recovery, and a fix for freezing and powering off issues. The update will automatically notify you once you can grab it. In the meanwhile, going to Menu>Settings>About phone>System might jump start things a bit.


  1. I currently use Tmo UMA wifi calling at home with a nokia 6301 that supports UMA. My plan has unlimited minutes in wifi (9.99/mo). This works well, and Blackberry phones are an option here also, but Android is preferred. I know I lose wifi to cell hand off (not a big deal as we lose the signal as soon as wifi is lost anyway. Sounds like the G2 is the answer. I just need to verify I do not lose my unlimited wifi calling in the process. Any confirmation of this and the availability of wifi calling on other Android devices would be nice to know….