Android App “T2 Mood Tracker” used by DOD


The new info from the DOD (Depatment of Defense) is the use of an Android app called “Mood Tracker” in the day to day life of todays soldiers.  Everyone can imagine the effect of war on our soldiers but few are able to actually see it. With the use of the Android app Mood Tracker the military can take a good look (video after jump) at the emotional state of our troops in the field.  The app gives our military some insight into the soldier’s moods and attitude. With use of the app, info can be passed on to military psychologists in order to help our troops work through their problems and to see exactly what needs to be addressed.

T2 Mood Tracker won 1st place in the Apps-4-Army competition with this well made app to assist providers in dealing with physical and psycological problems with our troops. The app addresses Anxiety, Depression, General Well Being, Head Injury, Post Tramatic Stress, Stress and even has a custom setting so user can create their own issue to monitor.

“Therapists and physicians often have to rely on patient recall when trying to gather information about symptoms over the previous weeks or months. Research has shown that information collected after the fact, especially about mood, tends to be inaccurate,” said Dr. Perry Bosmajian, a T2 psychologist. “This application can improve the quality of the treatments for the provider and the patient. The best record of an experience is when it’s recorded at the time and place it happens.”

Just another useful app our military adopted from our beloved Android OS. The future is now, our military is intigrating many Android Market apps along with their own custom military produced ones in order to provide our troops the best communication software and hardware available.

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