Top Games and Apps in Android Market According to Distimo

Sorry to keep hitting you guys over the head with so many reports and survey findings but that’s what you get roughly once a quarter.  Blame a growing, successful mobile operating system named Android.  Distimo has released their October report which breaks down the app and game picture for each of the major mobile platforms.  We’ll skip the major findings this time around as they relate mainly to iPhone, but we’ll share the lists of top Android apps and games.  There are actually ten listed under each category, but we’ll leave the honors to Distimo.

Top Free Applications

  1. Pandora Radio – Pandora
  2. Google Maps – Google Inc.
  3. Advanced Task Killer – ReChild
  4. Facebook for Android – Facebook
  5. T-Mobile My Account – T-Mobile USA
Top Paid Applications
  1. Beautiful Widgets – LevelUp Studio
  2. WeatherBug Elite – WeatherBug Mobile
  3. DocumentsToGo Full Version Key – DataViz, Inc.
  4. ESPN Fantasy Football 2010 – ESPN Inc.
  5. Weather & Toggle Widget – Android Apps

Top Free Games

  1. Solitaire – Ken Magic
  2. Jewels – MHGames
  3. Paper Toss – Backflip Studios Inc.
  4. Live Hold’em – DragonPlay
  5. Sudoku Free –

Top Paid Games

  1. Robo Defense – Lupis Labs Software
  2. Jewellust – Smartpix Games
  3. Armored Strike Online – Requiem Software Labs, Inc
  5. Abduction! World Attack – Psym Mobile

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  • Zack

    Uhhh.. what about Angry Birds?

    • Tijmen

      @Zack: Maybe at the 6h position? You can download the report yourself as the article says.

  • Xandroid

    Where is Angry Birds, Hungry Shark, Crush the Castle, Abduction 2, Asphalt, Wordfeud and Reckless Racing??????


    HUH HUH HUH???

    WHERE!!!!?!?!?!??? I DO NOT SEE IT!!!!

    No, but seriously, where are they??

    Where? show me….