Google Instant has gone mobile!

I love Google Instant. I wish Google ran my local DMV, and ran it like Google Instant. My enter key feels neglected sometimes and cries for attention late at night. When Instant first dropped, like the greedy geeks we are I heard the same thing a hundred times over…

I want that on my phone!

If you are running FroYo, wait no more guys, the beta has arrived! I know, right? FroYo Only? Can you hear that noise? Why, if i’m not mistaken, that shouting and stomping I hear in the distance is a one Ray Walters, ready to drive to Benji Hertel’s house and sit on him until he delivers Froyo! For those of us WITH Froyo, simply drive your browser to and check out the new button to turn instant on or off. The button is in place in case you are in a poor bandwidth area and really just need information without the flashiness of Instant. If you are not in such a terrible area, however, commence with the Instant! Here’s a quick video showing the goodies!


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