Google Voice Search in Netherlands

Google Voice Search was already available to America, but there are still a lot of countries out there who can’t control their phones with just a few words. From today, Holland isn’t one of those anymore. The Big G has introduced Google Voice Searchfor the Netherlands. Users are reporting that it’s a little buggy, having the issue that it’s not recognising a lot of words. But that’s just normal, it’s a selflearning app. As people start to use it more and more, the app will improve it’s vocabulary. Watch a demo here!

  • Mark

    Holland before the UK????

    But we speak the same language as the US!!


    • MarQ

      Its not the Google Voice service, its actually voice recognition using dutch language on android phones.

      Something completely different IMO.

  • JINN

    Google Voice isn’t available over here. Voice Search is now available in Holland!
    A HUGE difference…

    • skig

      Exactly. If these guys don’t know what Google Voice is, they’re not Android Guys.