Hell Partially Freezes Over as the Moto Backflip 2.1 Rollout Begins.

As the title says, the wait seems to be over for owners of the Moto Backflip, as Engadget is reporting that the Android 2.1 update for said device is rolling out on a limited basis as of today.

The image to the left says it all.  AT&T and Motorola announced on their customer support dash that as of today, 1,000 volunteers are getting the 2.1 update, with the full rollout of the update happening on November 9th.  What is interesting is that this is not going to be an “OTA” (over the air) update, but a sideloaded piece of software using a pc.  Perhaps this means that users will not have to wait their turn in some virtual line to get 2.1.

Is this a good sign for owners of the Cliq/Cliq XT on T-Mobile?  I wouldn’t hold your breath.  If there has been anything we can count on with carriers having control of updates, is that said updates will never be on-time, nor will they come fast and furious.   If you are the owner of a Backflip, let us know when you get the update!

  • I got the upgrade but it came directly from Motorola.com. It was an easy download and simple upgrade overall. My Phone hasn’t full recovered yet and still lags a bit, but I’ll let time work that out.

    • Jeremy

      I like the update, but I lost my bluetooth streaming music. I stream music from the phone to my car stereo, but I cant do that now.

      • MotorolaCANsuckIT

        my phone was better with 1.5 rooted and overclocked. I can not root it using the same method I did last time. I can even get the phone recognized as a device in adb. Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone know how to root the phone after the 2.1 update has been put on it. Thanks

  • Not Patient

    The site says:

    This page is currently inactive as prelaunch testing of the software is underway.
    The page will be reactivated when the testing period is complete.

    After waiting so long, I’m a tad bit frustrated that November 9th is here, but the update isn’t.

  • James

    I got 2.1 on my backflip via the motorola website about 2 weeks ago. It is fine by me. I like the google navigation, etc. I like the fact I can play angry birds now like all my friends with better, newer phones. Although honestly, the game play sucks. It shows how horendously underpowered this phone truly is. Putting the phone on airplane mode is required, and it’s still slow. You’ll see.

    Otherwise, the phone is ok with 2.1. Good old PDANet still works, which is all I really use my phone for anyway. (a modem for my laptop)