Official Twitter App for Android Updated

Yesterday saw Twitter pushing out an update to the official Android application.  Marked as v1.0.5, the client is designed to look more in line with other mobile clients.  Look for a faster experience as well as a changed layout in the timeline, a tweet details page, and some general enhancements.  Users can now pull to refresh the timeline, swipe to reveal options (profile, share, reply), and the ability to quote a tweet without completely retweeting.  Look for it in the Android Market today, or update it if you haven’t already!  NOTE: Android 2.1 or higher only.

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  • DaveC

    Still doesn’t remember your timeline place–goes directly to the newest tweet. #fail

  • Nathan

    “Other mobile clients”? Come on, you mean “more like the iPhone client” – just say it.

  • Ridokilos

    @nathan. Really all twitter clients look alike… Sooo No. Not just iphone

  • Nathan

    @Ridokilos “Users can now pull to refresh the timeline, swipe to reveal options (profile, share, reply)” – both features carried over from the iPhone Twitter app. (Which as Tweetie originally, pioneered the concept of pull-to-refresh.)