PopCap Promises Plants Vs Zombies, Peggle for Android in Early 2011

PopCap, the creators of ultra-popular games such as Zuma and little series called Bejewled, have promised Android users that they will finally deliver Plants Versus Zombies and Peggle in early 2011.  Great news for casual gaming fans around the world!  The guys at PocketGamer were able to catch up with the developers and ask them why they decided to release Windows Phone 7 versions of their games ahead of our beloved Android.  Turns out, they are not in a hurry because they like to polish their games up a bit.  Oh, there’s also that touchy subject of fragmentation legacy devices.

Regardless of how much attention a new device gets, we won’t consciously put a game out knowing it’s not as good as it can be. We don’t aspire to be trendy; sometimes we’re not first to a particular platform but we do value being the most polished…What PopCap concentrates on is staying true to our core business of games for everyone – and that means having our games on as many devices as possible, and in as many places as there are people to play them…As Android has a bigger device range, we are taking a little longer to bring the best game experience to the maximum number of Android devices when we launch.

Who can blame ‘em?  Besides, early 2011 is but a few weeks away.  Right PopCap?  Riiiiiight?

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  1. UR_Mothers_Lover
    November 13, 06:20 Reply

    If u haven’t played Peggle (& Peggle Nights), prepare for addiction. I don’t re-play many games these days, but I’ve finished both over 5 times (I have them on PlayStation 3) Now…. if we could FINALLY GET Plants vs Zombies on PS3!????!

  2. alex
    December 19, 02:21 Reply

    i,d kind of been waiting for something called plants vs zombies peggle.I would like to peform that the game looks cool.I like the picher of plants vs zombies peggle.I would like to play it.

    • alex
      December 19, 02:33 Reply

      this tu i,m not tring to be a jerk around here.Tu we,ll you you can see me but I have got to play the game now.Now you can see i,m not good at plants vs zombies so i,d raver trie this.

  3. mark
    March 31, 01:51 Reply

    too late too many people have lost interest. popcap should have made their available on android flatforms ages ago.

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